Meet Emmanuel

Meet Emmanuel.

Emmanuel is a young man who lives at the Sankofa Children’s Home and Orphanage in Ghana where we volunteered this past May. He is one of the most incredible human beings on this planet. He is smart, ambitious, dedicated, and humble.

More than anything Emmanuel wants to become a doctor. He also aspires to open up his own orphanage in the future.

Why does he want to do all of these amazing things? So that he can be a good role model for the other children of Eguafo, plain and simple.

The only catch? School is expensive for him. If you are able to help Emmanuel or are interested in potentially sponsoring him in his educational pursuits please let me know. It is children like him who are our future. Thank you.

To help sponsor Emmanuel, please follow the link below to our ChipIn page where online donations can be received


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