Day 28 – Elyse


Today we went to the Wli Falls in the Volta Region.  It was probably the most beautiful thing that I have every seen.  Words and pictures cannot do the falls any justice.  We took a 45 minute walk through a wildlife sanctuary to get there and as we got closer we could start to hear the falls.  When we turned the corner and arrived it was a breathtaking view.  The waterfalls cascade from 80 meters high and are the largest waterfalls in West Africa, separating Ghana and Togo.  When we looked the left of the waterfalls we could see thousands of bats clinging to the cliff.  It was amazing.  We took a quick swim in the ice-cold water under the falls, took some pictures, and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful view.

We walked back to the town, got come Fan-Ice (which tasted like vanilla ice cream!), and began the interesting journey on Tro-Tros back to the volunteer house in Medina. With the help from Eric from VCO the Tro-Tro took us right to the volunteer house.

We had diner and headed to bed.  It was another amazing weekend of seeing Ghana and experiencing more Ghanaian culture and I can’t believe we only have 2 more days until we leave.

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