Day 25 – Michele

Today is our last day in Eguafo, how terribly sad. I cannot believe we will be leaving for the volunteer house tomorrow. I can’t even begin to imagine saying goodbye to the kids at the centre and the students at the school. I did not sleep very much last night as the significance of today was on my mind. I’m going to miss being Mme. Mischa, and it saddens me that today is a holiday so yesterday was our last full day at the school.
It has been raining all day so our original plan to take the centre kids to the beach was a no go. We decided instead to have a party for the kids. Some of the girls went to Elmina to grab soda, cookies, watermelon and other supplies while the rest of us finished up making decorations and certificates of appreciation for the kids. We decorated the bedrooms at the centre while David distracted the kids. When they arrived back, we performed our dance for them before revealing the decorations and plans for the evening. The kids loved our dance, although it was probably hilarious to them.
After we performed on the centre steps, we gave out watermelon which was quite a treat for the children. Fresh fruit, especially watermelon, is a rarity as it is quite expensive but we thought it would be nice for the party. For dinner, we cooked up a large quantity of noodles and served it to the children. There ended up being just barely enough to go around, or so it seemed, but in combination with everything else the kids were well fed.
We took a break and made a quick late dinner for ourselves, then headed back to the centre where the Sankofa Cultural Group (the dance/drum team) was performing/practicing. We watched this for a little bit before moving inside to hang with the children, handing out soda and cookies and having our own little dance party. A portion of the night was dedicated to handing out the certificates we made including: Kwesi – best picture taker, Dominic – jokester, and Joseph – Top Dawg. It was extremely fun dancing and hanging with the children and we stayed until about 10:30. It still has not hit me that we are leaving tomorrow, although saying goodbye tonight was very sad.
I know we have only been here for a short amount of time (and believe me I wish I could’ve dedicated more time), but my experience here with the kids has made a lasting impression on me. I will never forget the people I’ve met here, the lessons I’ve learned, and the memories I’ve shared with the children in the centre and at the school. It’s strange to think that I may never see the kids again, and how easy it might be to lose ties with the community once settling back into normal life at home. I hope that through a joint effort between the 6 of us, sparked by the impact the children here have had on us, we are able to keep in contact and follow up on progress. We have David a donation towards purchasing a “horse goat” to mate with his current one, along with a certificate we titled “best dad”. I hope that the time we spent here is memorable to the children, as volunteers come and go, and we can continue to remind them that we haven’t forgotten about them once we return home. I am not looking forward to tomorrow, reality will begin to set in once we pack everything up and say our final goodbyes.

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